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When in Tel Aviv, Israel

Hey guys,

since I promised the next post as soon as possible, here we go. I won’t tell you pages long on what we did and not do, but instead I will show you how beautiful Tel Aviv is.

What is so special about this place?
I have never seen a place as diverse as Tel Aviv. In my fair share of traveling, I have never seen so many different cultures in one place. You enter one street, you are in the middle of the Nigerian part, you go into another and you find yourself in the Russian part. It is crazy. You see strict Jewish Orthodox, Christians, Muslims and Catholics in one place. You see hipsters, hippies and punks. You see a ton of soldiers! And what’s most important: Nobody gives a damn what and who you are.
It amazed me to see that once you enter an old looking, middle eastern street, next thing you know you are entering a street with huge skyscrapers. It is like the past meets the future, and I couldn’t believe how diverse this place was – not only by its culture, but also by its environment.

When I thought about Tel Aviv, I imagined this old middle eastern city in the middle of the desert. Instead I was surprised by a huge metropolitan, that reminded me of New York City – it always seemed busy.

We started our travels to Tel Aviv by visiting the Carmel Market. I loved this farmers market/ flea market, which offered everything your heart desired, from fresh fruits and vegetables to pastries, clothing and Hummus. It was such an authentic experience, and pretty cheap in comparison to the normal stores.

After we stocked up with Israeli spices, Arabian Baklava, souvenirs and Dead Sea products, we decided to eat at the Restaurant Hummus HaCarmel. Hands down, the BEST Hummus I have ever tried in my life. I am still crying about it, because since I tried, I wasn’t able to enjoy the Hummus we have here in Barcelona. (Same thing happened to me with Burgers, after I tried In ‘N’ Out Burger while I lived in California).
Afterwards, we decided to relax at the beach and enjoy the hot weather, since it was literally 30 degrees outside. I really enjoyed the other side of the mediterranean sea and must say it was much more beautiful and calm than Barcelona! We enjoyed our Baklava and went for a swim. As soon as we dried up we decided to take a walk to the Old town of Tel Aviv.

We watched the most beautiful sunset  right at the beach and started to explore the Old Town. In the end, we went to “The Wishing Bridge”, where you basically have to touch your horoscope sign and think about the things you wish. Of course I won’t be telling you guys, what I wished for :).

I hope you are enjoying the little insight into Tel Aviv and I will be uploading my video soon!

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