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Weekend Roadtrip Stop: Sitges, Spain

Hey guys,
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and you are ready for a new week!

I finally had the time to go through the pictures and decided to tell you a little bit about our roadtrip down the Costa Dorada. I figured it is easier to separate the post into smaller post, instead of having one long post. So let me tell you about our time in Sitges!

We spontaneously decided to rent a car Friday night for Saturday morning up until Sunday night. The car rental I have used to far was Centauro, which we used in Mallorca as well. We never had a problem with this car rental, and it is super cheap. (So definitely worth a shot!)
We are probably the worst Germans on this planet as we basically came too late to everything that we had planned. But that’s how it is when you are on vacay mode – which I was unfortunately as well and made me eat all the crap I could find.

Anyway, we picked up the car an hour later and head over to our first stop – Sitges.
Fun fact: This town is known to be a Hotspot for the LGBT community, which made it even more exciting to visit! (Everyone who knows me, I am a strong supporter for the LGBT rights)
My colleagues at work have told me about this little harbour town several times and how beautiful it was. As soon as we arrived I knew – Sitges had the real Spanish flair!
I was in love with the beautiful houses and the cute Alleys. It was also the first time we explored the Costa Dorada.
Parking was pretty easy as it was a small town and our first stop was a local cafe to enjoy our morning coffee at the beach. Lets be honest, I am a total coffee addict and I need my caffeine in the morning!
The Església de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla is one of the landmarks of Sitges and located directly next to the water. We enjoyed the view, snapped some candid pictures and listened to some street musicians singing and playing to Amy Winehouse songs.

As it was the Grande Festa Major weekend in Barcelona, I was bumped that I was not able to see the Human towers in town. Buuut, as we explored the little streets of Sitges, we actually came right on time to witness a Human tower! Wow, I have so much respect for all the strengths it takes!

All the pictures were shot by Edgar and his awesome camera skills. 🙂

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