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For years I have been trying to find the best ways to keep all of my memories abroad together – printing out pictures, early attempts of scrapbooking and social media. A box full of post cards, pictures, old attraction tickets or pieces of special memories.

Since I was a little girl, I loved to go through old photobooks to understand the story behind it. And as the organizational freak I am, I always wanted to store my memories in one place and one place only, while telling my own story page by page. 

I began an Au Pair Blog in Germany in 2013, capturing all the details of my time in America up until, the early months of me moving to New York in 2014. Looking back on the blog, I was overwhelmed by the pictures and stories I have told myself, years ago. I wanted to keep these memories forever. Each one of these posts made me a little bit cringe and yet, I was so grateful that I committed myself so much to blogging that I have now had the possibilities to look back. So it was time to revive these memories. And I might have found the perfect way to capture these memories. 

When it comes to online photobooks, I have not found one software that worked in the pace I would like to. I am an impatient person and do not have the time of the day to make a photobook since most of the software’s are outdated and you basically got to pay for every special feature you add. And while project travel diary was on hold for the past few years, I finally found a simple and easy way to tell my own story. 

I found the solution I was looking for, and still, being overly sceptic, I couldn’t help but notice that this App would be the winner.

Traveldiaries gives you the possibility to create your own travel diary online and if wanted, make it public for other people to read.

The best part of this online diary is: Once you are done, you are able to print it! I am eagerly working towards my own personal travel diary. And since I have to fit two years into my diary, it will be a long process for a perfectionist like me.  

I love the simple and easy-use of the website and cannot wait to hold my own travel diary in my hands.

You can choose between different chapters, fonts and a various selection of picture adding, which make it easier for you to fill your travel diary the way you like it.

If you are a frequent traveler or would like to give someone special a travel diary, this is the App for you. 

One additional feature I am sure everyone will love is the fact that you can map your own travel route and add it to your story.

Once my own project is done, I will you guys more about the product, the quality and the service itself once you finished your travel diary.

So my question to you: What is your story?

If you are interested in getting your own travel diary, check out and get started with your own story-telling.

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