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Barcelona City Trip Guide

You are heading to Barcelona for the weekend but have no idea how to spend your perfect weekend at this vibrant city? Then this guide is for you. I will tell you my favorite things to do on the weekend in Barcelona.

The Arrival – Friday

Whether or not you arrive on Friday in the morning, afternoon or evening, there is still enough time for you to explore the city. 

Let’s start off with you arriving at the airport. Depending on your budget, the Taxi ride costs approx. 30€ to get into the center of Barcelona. You can choose to book your Taxi via the App “MyTaxi” or use the App “Cabify” which operates like the  UberApp. If you are not familiar with any of these apps, there are great ways to get a Taxi outside the Airport, just make sure it is an official one, which does not try to rip you off. When in doubt, talk to the airport information center. 

If you do travel cheap and would like to travel like a local, I suggest you buy a T10 Zone ticket for Barcelona. You can easily get into the center by taking the Bus line 46, or the Metro. It will approx. take you 50 minutes to get to Barcelona, but you don’t have to pay ridiculous fees at the “Official Airport Bus T1 and T2” which drives the same route as the Bus line 46 but costs you 10€ for a round ticket.


Dining in Barcelona

Once you settled into your Hotel without any issues, you are probably going to be hungry and tired or hungry and excited to party – whatever it is, let’s start with your Spanish food experience.

Whether or not you want a hearty Dinner or just some Tapas with good Spanish Wine selection – Barcelona has it all. 

If you want to try traditional Spanish Pinchos (basically Tapas on a stick) you will find your personal “Pincho-Heaven” once you enter the Career de Blai in the Poble-Sec district of Barcelona.

The streets of Poble-sec are known for its Pinchos. Just stroll around the street, go from one restaurant to another and try a variety of Pinchos. The pinchos usually costs 1,50 € per stick, and it’s a great way to try out different restaurants. 


Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife

If you decide to go all in, take advantage of promoters to get into the clubs for free. You can just google certain guest lists and join the Barcelona WhatsApp groups as for example Erasmus Barcelona, which mostly does not even require you to be a student. You can find a popular guestlist here.  Other options are local organized pub crawls, or party opportunities via Eventbrite and 

You can put yourself and your friends on the guest lists without any costs involved and enjoy a night out in the clubs. If you´d rather join a night of Latin dancing, the Gracia district offers several different bars , as for example Gracia Latina, that can teach you the Latin way of dancing. 

And if you do not feel like going out, the Magic Fountains at the Plaça Espanya will be an amazing activity to end the day.

Just buy a good bottle of wine, some snacks and plastic cups and enjoy the fountain show.



Barcelona Brunch Spots

Barcelona offers a wide range of unique brunch spots; I would not even be able to name them all. There are brunch spots for each of your food cravings and dietary preferences. 

My go-to brunch place is Cup&Cake. The food they offer is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also delicious! The brunch place established itself in different areas of the city, make sure to be on time or reserve in advance to get a great spot next to the beach or in the middle of the city center. 

Enjoy your brunch at one of their places before you’re heading out to explore the city like a real tourist!

Barcelona Sightseeing

  • park-ciutadella-karolinejagel-barcelona-spain

Since a weekend isn’t enough to see it all, map out the “Must see” places you would like to discover before visiting Barcelona. If you are unsure, join one of those Hop On/Hop Off busses or if you do it on a budget, join the free walking toursthat Barcelona has to offer.

This is a great way for you to explore the whole city in a few hours, and you get to learn a lot more about Barcelona and its history!

Another way I can suggest is to check out, which offers you a wide range of activities and sightseeing for Barcelona. My favorite sightseeing spots involve: 

  • the Plaça Espanya
  • the Park Ciutadella
  • the Gothic Quarter
  • the Barcelona beaches
  • hiking up Tibidabo
  • Bunkers El Carmel
  • Park Güell
  • La Sagrada Familia

Cheap eats in Barcelona


There are literally so many cheap eat places in Barcelona, giving you the option to get a whole three course menu for less than 10€. But if you’re feeling like Asian Cuisine, get lost in Barcelona´s Chinatown. The restaurant Chen Ji has become my favorite restaurant in Barcelona. The prices are insanely cheap – and the amounts of food you receive are insanely big. Be aware that this restaurant is popular within the locals – you might have to stand in line!

The Shopping-Oasis

Some of you might want to explore the amazing shopping opportunities in Barcelona – so I will give you my first tip: do not shop around the Las Ramblas/ Plaza Catalunya Area.

If you are really interested in shopping your way through Barcelona – visit one of the local malls. With La Maquinista Shopping Mallbeing a bit outside the usual center of Barcelona, there are several other Malls that can help you to enjoy a normal shopping experience.

Diagonal Del MarGloriesor Maramagnumare great places to shop. Though, since it’s only a weekend in Barcelona, I would recommend you use your time wisely and stroll around the little cute shops in the El Gotic, El Raval and El Born area.

Enjoy Vermuth & Pica Pica

Looking for a break from all the sightseeing? Saturday’s are known for its Pica Pica and Vermuth.  Vermuth can be so overpriced in the touristic areas, that’s why I have a great tip for you. Right around the Harbor Area of Port Vell, there is a hidden Bar called Tasca El Corral– which serves Vermuth for just 1,10€ per glass! A bottle of Vermuth costs around 7-8 €, and the rustically style of the bar gives you the typical Barcelona flair.

Enjoy your glass of Vermuth and some Pica Pica for this bargain price!

Evening ideas in Barcelona


At this point you are probably tired and hungry from all the walking, and probably very hungry. Why not having an “All You Can Eat “- Steak Buffet? The restaurant El Rodzio not only offers more than 30 different options of food, a waiter is coming by each table to let you have a piece of freshly roasted meat. There are more than 12 options of meat, which you can try and let me tell you, after the 5th option I had to give up.

The concept was amazing, and we basically could roll out the restaurant. The prices range from 18-22 € depending on the time and the day.

You can end the evening as you wish – by watching an amazing concert in Palau de la Musica, by partying more or stroll around the streets of Barcelona by night.

Or – watch the sunset at the Top of Tibidabo or the Bunkers del Carmel. You will not regret this view!


Your last day – so make the best of it!


Eat some brunch at the famous brunch place Alsur Cafeor El Arbol. Really guys, who doesn’t love to eat Eggs benedict or Oreo Pancakes?

Depending on the weather – put on your swim pants  and enjoy a few hours at the beach! The further you are away from Barceloneta, the better. My favorite beach part is Bogatell, the water is not only cleaner, it is also less crowded.

Last beach tip – do not, I repeat, do not EVER, buy anything from the people at the beach.

The cold drinks they try to sell you are hidden in Trash Cans and the canalization to keep them cold. They made several test on these and found E.coli bacteria on them.

In general, everything you get offered at the beach is very unhygienic (yes, also the massages!), so do yourself a favor and decline their offer. 

Do not get yourself lured by some promoters to pay 50€ to get into the clubs, you can get into every club free of charge.

Depending on when you’re heading back home, don’t forget to indulge a few more tapas. One of my favorite tapas places has beenSol Soler Barcelona, make sure to eat a big portion of Patatas Bravas and Pimientos de Padrón.

Once it is time for you to leave Barcelona, you can get easily back to the Airport. Depending on where your Hotel is located, navigate yourself towards Placa Espanya and take the Bus line 46. This bus stops at the T1 and T2 Airport Halls, so you are completely set!


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