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Study Abroad – Q&A

Hey guys,
I am in the middle of my preparations for Bali and Bangkok and received a bunch of questions regarding my studies abroad. This is why I thought it would make sense to cover a few points here to make sure most of you understand what my study in Bali and Bangkok really entails.

1. How did you end up getting to study in Bali and Bangkok?

    My University has campuses and exchange opportunities all over the world. As an international student you can decide between doing your Exchange year or visiting the campus sites in either South Africa, Qatar, Bali or Bangkok. This is called the GrandTour program. From the beginning of my study I was sure that I wanted to join the GrandTour program and go to Asia. My plan B was ‘Merica (what else?) or Australia.
    2. What will you study in Asia?
    I am enrolled for the Event Management minor program. The theory part will be done in Bali, while the practical part will be done in Bangkok. As I have already done my internship in Event Management and worked in the field for over a year now at my current side job, I am really excited to learn more about it.

    3. Is it your first time in Asia?
    Yes it is! Which is why it is scary but exciting at the same time.
    4. Isn’t it expensive?
    Yup, most definitely. I have actually had to save a tons of money in Spain.
    Here is a cost overview from now:

    2519,00€                  GrandTour program costs (incl. accomodation)
      250,00€                  Vaccinations & doctor visits 
        45,00€                  Visa costs
        11,00€                  Porto send/receive Visa
      400,00€                  Flight AMS to BALI
        36,00€                  Travel insurance
        32,00€                  Hotel for 19 hour overlay in Bangkok
      100,00€                  Flight BALI to BANGKOK
        40,00€                  Scholl Uniform required

    Bear in mind I still need to include the costs from later on: Return flights, Thailand Visa Costs, more school uniforms etc.
    BUT: If you divide the costs on the 6 months of staying there it’s still less than what I paid as rent in my shitty apartment in Barcelona.

    5. How long are you staying?

    I will stay in Bali from the 1rst of February until the 21rst of April and stay in Bangkok from the 21rst of April until the 1rst of July. The rest of the summer can be used to travel around. (Which is why I didn’t book my flight back yet)
    6. How are you going to do it with your boyfriend and your pups?
    Good question guys. Nah, joking. My boyfriend and I knew from the first day of dating that I will go to Asia. Since we have already been long distance for more than a year now, we are quite sure that we will make it just fine. Also, he is planning to visit me.
    The pups will have to stay at home, but I already know that I will ball my eyes out once I have to say goodbye to them! They are going to be huuuge the next time I will see them.

    7. What are your travel plans in Asia?

    Honestly, I don’t have a clue. I haven’t been researching as much as I would love to. I will actually start to plan ahead in the next weeks and make a checklists of things I would like to see, which I will post here on the blog. (More than happy to receive recommendations and places!)
    8. Aren’t you scared?
    Do you know me? Haha, no of course I am. The good kind of scared. You never know what to expect in a new country and a new culture and I am super excited to find out.
    Since I have already made the big move to the US, smaller moves to the Netherlands and Spain, I think I will be adjusting in Asia just fine. (Though I am aware that it will be a cultural challenge!)

    9. What are you most excited about?
    The tropical atmosphere of Bali, health, wellness and just everything healing my body and putting my mental health first. I cannot wait to do some Island hopping around Indonesia.
    I am also excited to explore the busy streets of Bangkok, learning more about the Asian business culture and explore so many facets of the country.
    10. What are you not so excited about?

    The humidity and bugs I have never seen or heard about haha. Also, stealing! Not to mention the horror stories I heard of when it comes to meat. I think I will be going veggie/vegan in the time I am there. 

    I hope I could answer all your questions, if not, feel free to comment here or dm me!
    I would really love to read about your tips and recommendations for Asia! So feel free to message me or send me a link to your blog post.


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