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Product review: Bullet journal by A Good Company

A Good Company – the first climate-positive Journal in the world

sustainable bullet journal a good company discount

If you knew me personally, you knew that I have had notebooks and calendars since 5th grade stacking up in my bags and in my room. I am a sucker for good planning and organizing my day by using good old-fashioned notebooks.

If you are like me and you’ve have had numerous planner piling up at home, you don’t really get to think about the fact that you quite frankly helped to chop off another tree on this planet. And while digitalization helps us to make a more conscious decision, there are still people like me out there that like to track their goals “the old-fashioned way”.

This weekend, I received a wonderful gift in my mailbox, which definitely brightened up my day. My first climate-positive journal … made out of re-used stone! You are probably thinking “how the heck is it possible to make a paper out of stone?” Don’t you worry, I had the exact same question.

Transforming mindless consumption into conscious decisions

A Good Company is a brand that specializes in providing elegant and sustainable everyday products. The company has one goal: to transform mindless consumption into conscious decisions.
The vision of A Good Company is to work towards a future in which the next generation – our future grandchildren – will be able to breath fresh air, the ability to drink clean water and experience nature as it is supposed to be.

It never even came to my attention to question myself when I decided to purchase yet another notebook. I never asked myself the question: Is it sustainable what I am doing? Am I contributing to the problem?
It is thoughts like these that make it extra special for me to be able to introduce the products of A Good Company. By just looking at the website, I felt a strong sense in taking a better look at my everyday life choices. Whether it is to pay more attention to recycling or to avoid plastic wrapped produce, A Good Company really helped me to understand that not paying attention to the problem will not make it go away.

Stone paper – how it works

The idea of having a bullet journal that is solemnly made out of stone-paper sounded crazy. And the more I dug into A Good Company website to understand the process, it seemed crazy to me that no one came up with this brilliant idea before.

If you are interested in how that process works, I highly recommend watching this video:

Bullet journaling

A Good Company was so kind to send me a bullet journal, which is something that has always been on my “To-Shop-List”. And I am loving the product! I can’t wait to learn more about the do’s and don’ts in bullet journaling. When it comes to the paper itself, I am impressed by how soft and yet strong the paper feels like.
Actually, it looks like any other paper notebook, yet the material feels a lot different.

If this isn’t cool enough, here are some main benefits of using Stone Paper vs. Pulp paper:

  • Water resistant (which means clumsy people like me won’t end up with a soaked notebook)
  • Hard to tear apart
  • Only containing recycled materials, without any added chemicals

Why you should consider getting a climate-friendly notebook from A Good Company

Before I got the product, I was completely unaware of the opportunity to contribute to society by just buying an everyday product like the bullet journal. For every purchased notebook, bullet journal or sketchbook, there is a new tree planted in Zambia, Africa in collaboration with Weforest.

To conclude, I am definitely impressed by the good cause of A Good Company, their production process and lastly: their product! I am loving my bullet journal and am excited to plan my process for the rest of 2019.

If you love A Good Company’s vision, go ahead and check out their products. Use the code “KAROLINEJAGEL” at checkout and you will receive a 15 % discount off your order at A Good Company.

  • sustainable-bullet-journal-a-good-company-discount karolinejagel

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