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How To: Meet Your Goals While Using Public Transport

Since beginning my new job in Amsterdam, I spent approximately 2 hours per day traveling via public transport. And while I see the people around me doze off in their seats, I have acknowledged individuals crushing their goals for the day while sitting in the train, heading to work at 6 am. It made me wonder: is there a way to spend those bus and train rides possibly productive instead of getting hung up on Candy Crush?
Instead of getting annoyed by being stuck in the train for a while, I decided to see this as the perfect opportunity to check off some goals I have set for the day.

I started to create a habit to implement either one or two of the things on the list before and after work. Not only does it help me to go to bed early and get my eight hours of sleep in, it also helps me to end the day satisfied.

(As each person individually has different goals over the day, I am just listing a few things that you can do, even when it comes to a 10-minute bus ride.)

1. Read

I am a book lover at heart but reading the past few years before bed has become a struggle. I either struggled to stay awake or did not feel like reading at all. If you are facing the same problem as me, feeling unmotivated yet guilty by not reading the book that has been sitting next to your bed all those years, here is the clue: Take your book with you in the morning. By reading in the morning, you automatically fresh up your mind and absorb a lot more information quicker than usual. Your stamina is at its peak in the morning, which means you store the information you read longer and easier than in the evening.
By reading a certain number of pages per morning, I have not only reached my reading goal for the day but also feel fitter and more aware before my working hours begin.

2. Listen to A Motivational Podcast

Some of you may not be able to read a book due to being nauseous, which is why I would suggest listening to a podcast. Just a few months back I have found myself listening to a bunch of podcasts, trying to figure out which one of them motivates me the most. I found the podcast The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes has become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to when it comes to business and motivation. Listening to a motivational podcast cannot only help you to crush your own goals for the day, but can feed you with the information you can apply day by day into your own life.

3. Watch An Online Course

Udemy is probably one of my favourite sources when it comes to online courses and definitely contributed to a lot of my backend knowledge for this blog. If your goal is to enhance a certain hobby, passion or you would like to learn something new, trust me, you need to check out Udemy. Participating and watching Online Courses has helped me in many aspects and I am determined to learn more and grow. Plus, you can watch the courses via the Udemy Mobile App.

4. Journaling

If your daily goal is to think less, this one is for you. I have noticed a lot of people on buses, trains or metro’s just journaling. What a brilliant idea! Did you know that you can decrease your stress level by journaling? By writing down your thoughts and feelings, you increasingly practice self-awareness. While your thoughts are on paper it is much easier for you to find a solution to a certain problem or to make a decision. Plus, a lot of people complain that they do not have time in the day to journal, so why not using your daily ride as a ritual to journal?

5. Prepare your Agenda

I love organizing and I love to buy new calendars and planners. But do I use them regularly? Surely not. One of the goals I have established is to update my planner daily and insert important dates and must-dos in it. While I might forget about this goal over the day, I have started to make it a habit by tracking my to-do’s and appointments on the way to work. If your goal is to keep track on your weekly appointments and your daily must-do list, this could be an easy way for you to track your goals and evaluate how achievable those are. This not only holds you more accountable over the day, but it also helps you to keep your goals in mind at all day.

6. Engage within your online channel

When starting a blog, I had no idea how many channels I had to stay active on and how I should engage with people. And honestly, it has been overwhelming in the beginning. While you probably spent most of your Uber/train/bus/metro rides scrolling through your social media, why not use the time to engage with your followers, your clients or update your online channels? Make a goal of what channel you would like to update and use the time to do so. Pin a few new pictures on Pinterest to fill your boards. Comment and like another person’s content on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Post a tweet. Using 10 minutes of your way to work to engage within your online channels can help you grow your presence.

7. Check off personal E-Mails

That one E-Mail you constantly forget to answer is still lingering in your inbox? You need to speak to customer service because of a certain issue with the new product you purchased, but you never find the time? Check off all the personal E-Mails or messages that have been laying in your inbox for days or weeks. You can declutter your mind so easily when you get rid of small tasks like these.

8. Meditate

Some people may find it a strange tip, but I promise you it’s not. While meditating is usually practiced in a quiet and calm environment, you can create your own environment within your thoughts. Just turn on some soothing sounds on Spotify or Youtube and concentrate on your breathing. You might overthink too much and would love to create a calming headspace, or maybe you will encounter an important meeting at work.
Try meditating to give yourself some downtime before a stressful day. There are plenty of apps out that can help you implementing meditation in every life situation.

9. Brainstorm

Ever came up with a brilliant idea but ended up forgetting about it later in the day? Or you might fish for ideas at the end of the day, but your brain turned into mashed potatoes after a long day at work?
A study shows that the brain creative activity is at its peak immediately after sleeping, which means creative writing and effective learning can be absorbed best in the morning. Use your daily commuting to brainstorm, write down the craziest ideas that come up In your head. Maybe they aren’t that crazy after all.

10. Just relax.

Some people may work all day using physical strength, some people might work up their mind all day. Nether less, both can be mentally as well as physically exhausting.
Take a break. Use the time to recharge your battery. Self-care should definitely be on your priority list and a must-do item for the day. Drink a nice cup of coffee or tea, listen to music, watch a movie or play Candy Crush. After all, whatever your daily ritual is to stay productive over the day, you are doing just fine.


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How to increase your productivity by using public transport
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