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Hiking up Tibidabo

Ever thought of Hiking in Barcelona?

My Swedish friend Linnea, my American friend Hannah and I have decided to take a nice hike up to Tibidabo after spending half of the afternoon at the beach. (Hannah unfortunately couldn’t make it anymore, but she’ll join our next hike )
We love hiking, but of course, we are not really experienced when it comes to trails. That is why we used the guidance of Hiking Barcelona, which gave us clear instructions on where to go to get a beautiful and easy hike to Tibidabo!

Linnea and I have decided to take our cameras with us, as we were rewarded by a beautiful view on our way up. Most of the candid material you will see here is made with her camera, as I have noticed that there is something wrong with my camera. (It is not only my lack of knowledge woohoo) Linnea took amazing pictures on our way up and I am so thankful that I can show you guys the pretty view we had! The church almost looks like a Disney castle doesn’t it?
We watched the sun set and even saw some wild hogs! (which was kinda scary!)
I can only recommend everyone to do this hike. It took us about two hours to get to the top as we were stopping several times to take pictures. But see for yourself! 🙂

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  • sergio

    hi Karoline

    thank you for your post and the link for Hiking Barcelona, we are happy you enjoy it

    we created this website while we were living in BCN just for people like you and your friends

    Tibidabo mountain was a very common area for us to hike in that time so we very often found people visiting the city that were a little bit lost looking for the right trail to get to the summit

    we are very happy it's been useful

    best wishes


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