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Getting my health back: A Product review of Gon Glow by Maria Gracia

A little background

If you know me personally, you know that I have been on my personal health journey since I had the great opportunity to live in the US. 

Since then, I have lost about 25 Kilos, lost some more and gained some as well. I went from that kid that hated any sorts of movement to the girl that went to the gym six times a week and loved her healthy food. 

I got addicted to the journey and frustrated if I did not see any results. 
Fast forward, I am in a completely different state of mind: after stressing every day about the calorie intake, the macros and micro nutrition’s and the amount of activity I get per day, I completely stopped my process while living in Asia. I enjoyed to live in the moment: a little too much.

Right now, I am in a state where I want to get a change back in my routine. I am taking baby steps towards my health, starting off with the right nutrition’s within my diet, while also including lots of snacking. Personally, I understood that this is not what I need to get back to a healthy lifestyle. If I want to go through with it, I need to be 100 % committed. 

Gon Glow – Lifestyle change program

In the past two weeks, I had the great opportunity to receive access to Maria Gracia’s “Gon Glow 12-Month Weight Loss and Fitness Program”, which is a permanent, healthy lifestyle program designed to help you to get healthy, lose weight and outshine yourself. 

Maria Gracia herself is a certified fitness instructor who’s passionate in helping others to success in their own health journey and is basically providing help and assistance in achieving that goal. In her Gon Glow Bundle, you receive a lot of help to get you started: healthy recipes, monthly exercise videos, information about macro- and micro nutrition’s and your daily dose of motivation and affirmation. I am not kidding you when I am saying that she is providing you a whole bundle of useful information. And for the ones who still have questions, Maria Gracia is providing a safe place within her Facebook group in which people can share each other’s struggles and journey, while also offering private guidance throughout the whole process. 

So how do I feel about the product?

As I had to chance to take a look at the program, I must say that I found the information very motivational and useful to kick off my journey back into the healthy lifestyle. I do have to say that I had to get used to the navigation and the saving of each of the documents, but with a good organization on your laptop, you are able to keep track on all the information in a matter of seconds. There are lots of recipe ideas that I will definitely incorporate into my daily life. I love trying out new healthy recipes! 

I can recommend the workout videos for people with children at home that do not have much to break a sweat in the gym. In my personal preference, I prefer to do weightlifting and cardio in the gym.

So, my final thoughts on the program are that I am definitely taking the advice and information provided in the guide and will fit them according to my own lifestyle.

I can definitely recommend this bundle program for people who are really motivated in making a change, people that want to educate themselves and do not know where to start and it is definitely for people that don’t have much time on their plate.

I will keep you guys updated on what I am incorporating and how I make use of the information, as I want to see for myself how it works. 

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