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Departure to Paradise

Hey guys,
Long time no post, but I have finally managed to find some time again. The past days have been so busy, spending lots of quality time with boyfriend pups and family while getting all my paperwork done and finalizing my internship report. I was pretty MIA on my social media channels, which was a pity but now I am back and happy to tell you guys more about my new adventures abroad! The first few days have already been so crazy that I cannot wait to tell you all about it. But lets start from the beginning:

Packing for this trip was fairly easy for me since I only had to pack up my summer wardrobe which I took with me to Spain. I’ll post a whole packing list for Asia as soon as I know for fact that I took everything important with me, that way you guys won’t forget things that I have forgotten haha. *Note to myself: already missed a few thingssss agh.
My boyfriend took me to the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on Thursday and since our puppies are used to long car rides we decided to take them with us to have a proper goodbye and a way for them to get used to busy places and airports (we are pretty sure we will bring them to the airport more often in the future due our amounts of past travels).
The car ride went smoothly, we arrived earlier than expected and I checked in my luggage in time so we could enjoy a coffee before it was time for me to go to the gate.
The goodbyes have always been hard for me, and every damn time I have been crying like a little baby.
This time was worse: the distance is bigger, we actually have a time difference and two more good reasons, called Bram and Noah.


My heart breaks about the fact that I won’t see them this small anymore. They have been growing each day and now I cannot be there to snuggle up with them on the couch. But on the positive note, I hopefully will be able to do this for the rest of their lives.
After our heartbreaking goodbye and me sobbing non stop it was time for me to go through the security check.
At this point, I have to say that Amsterdam has the friendliest security staff I have eeever met on my travels. Everytime I flew through Schiphol, the people have been so kind to me. The security guy tried to cheer me up and even wanted to see pictures of my puppies. He kept me positive about the fact that soon I will see them again and that I will have the time of my life. & I wish there were more of these people in the world!
The flight to Frankfurt went by quickly and I only had a fair amount of time to get to the next gate to catch my flight to Bangkok. Anyone who knows the Frankfurt airport knows how big that airport is – time for some cardio and jogging to the gate!
I made it just in time and was able to board straight away. I have never seen an airplane that actually tried to look that welcoming, but Thai Airways definitely does its job! It even smelled nice, which was a total surprise to me.
Funny enough, a girl in front of me was heading out to Bangkok to join the Grandtour program. We started to talk about our experiences and it was a pity that she would first stay in Bangkok, which meant we would switch countries after. The 11 hour flight went by fast, thanks to a good amount of movies. Once we arrived at Subarnabhumi Airport, everything went as smoothly as the rest of the flights. We went quickly through customs, picked up our luggage and proceeded to find our drivers. While Elma needed to find the people from Grandtour, I had to find my driver who’d bring me to my hotel. I had a 19 hour layover and definitely needed some rest! I don’t know how people are actually able to sleep on the plane. Not only were the seats not made for tall people like me, but I actually could not find one comfortable position to sleep. And once I felt like sleeping someone would either step on my toes, walk against my legs or shoulders which kept me awake the entire flight.

One thing I have noticed here is how nice and welcoming the country is. Once I arrived at the Lilac Residence Hotel close to the Airport, I was welcomed by some homemade tea, a free snack bar in my room and the quickest check-in I have ever experienced.
I loved the room I stayed in and went to bed straight away, which was probably a mistake since I was not able to sleep at night – thaaaanks jetlag. After taking a nice shower and freshen up in general, I woke up early in the morning to take my flight to Bali – and after a busy morning around the airport I have finally made it to my last stop – let the Bali adventures begin! 😊

I can’t wait to give you some proper updates upon my arrival and share with you guys my experience and pictures!
Stay tuned,

XO Karoline

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