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7 Success Factors In Building Your Blog

Thinking of setting up your own website or blog, but you do not really know how to start?
Researching and working on blog content for the past years, made me realize the most important factors that involve in having an online business. I am sharing my top tips for creating a successful foundation for your blog.

1. Create S.M.A.R.T goals

Ever heard of S.M.A.R.T goals before? It basically stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals. What exactly do I mean by that?
When you want to create your own blog or own online platform, you probably have a major goal in mind by doing so. SMART Goals take this goal a step further and make it realistic and possible for you to achieve. So what exactly is your goal in life, or your career? Think about your overall goal and make small, specific goals out of it which contribute to your overall mission. That way you can not only track your success, but you are also able to work in small steps towards your dream.

A SMART GOAL example:

  • From: I want to create a passive income with my blog.


By using Social Media Marketing & Collaborations, I will work X times per week towards my goal to gain a passive income of X amount in 12 months. I will monitor my success by using X tools.

2. Work smarter, not harder.

You love the idea of owning your own website, but HTML & Design is not your friend? Tell me about it. Instead of taking a course after course to learn the basics, I would recommend you outsource as much as possible. You can find various blog designs and web designers online which can help you to create and achieve the blog design that fits your needs. Websites like and Upwork offer a wide range of freelancers which are more than happy to help you with the set up of your business. Especially when you set up your online business while working full-time, its time consuming to do it all by yourself. Work smarter and get yourself some help. You can find everything between creating your own logo, website banner, blog designs, E-Mail marketing and more.

3. Invest time and money

It might be not your favourite part, but in order to earn money, you first need to invest. Are you sure you are willing to invest your time and money into this project? Good, then you are on the right track. Owning a domain, choosing a hosting plan, the design, a wide range of programs and choosing your marketing budget will cost you on a monthly basis. Before you start making this decision, make sure you have the resources to invest in your business.
In my case, I am generally dedicating most of my free time after work to build my blog. I knew when beginning this project and investing the money: You need to work on it religiously to make it work. Investing your own personal time and money can also be a good motivation for you to keep going.
Therefore, my tip is if you are prepared to invest time and money into your dream, go for it.

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4. Don’t sell yourself too short

Something I have learned from starting my own blog is that there will be lots of companies and brands that will try to work on contracts which are in their favor. To establish yourself, you need to set your own standards and boundaries within partnerships. In contrary, your standards should not be skyrocket high from the beginning of your blogging days. Base your standards on your analytics. With google analytics, you will be able to track your daily impressions, users and track goals you would like to establish. There are various tools and programs which companies can use to track your socials and blog statics, which is why you should not begin with any foul play. Any fake followers you bought will be shown in the stats and can hurt your image quicker than you think. Instead, aim to do the work, research about how you can grow your audience organically and establish a real community. the more you are engaged within your community, the higher you will be able to set your rates and rules with the companies you would like to collaborate long-term with.

5. Do what you love

The most important part of creating a successful online business is to do what you love! The reason why I chose to set up a blog after there have been already so many out there, is my love to travel, personal growth and marketing. And most importantly: I love writing! Since I was a little girl I began to write my own little stories and when I turned 15, I published my first book. Photography has always been a part of me that I always felt like learning more about. And while blogging became a hobby of mine when living abroad in the US, I noticed that it has become the perfect way to express myself.
It doesn’t matter how many people already write or sell within your niche. Your product and mission are unique and this is what it all comes down to. As long as you do something that you love, you will be successful either way. And if you are having doubts or experience hard times, just remind yourself why you are doing this.

6. CCO (Consistency – Confidence – Authenticity)


Instead of going for the motto “Fake it til you make it”, I advise you to stay true to yourself and your business in any way possible. The three factors that are a must to keep going on this bumpy road ahead is consistency, authenticity & confidence.
You need to be consistent with the product and services you put out there and work religiously towards your growing business. Being consistent with your progress, your mission and vision will help you to achieve a successful business.


And even if you are not quite confident yet, try to practice confidence on a daily basis. There will be self-doubts, there will be times when you question your business and want to throw everything you worked on overboard. These are exactly the times you should focus on building yourself up. Be confident in what you do, talk about your business with passion. A confident appearance is not something you will learn from one day to another, it is something you work on daily and remind yourself that you have the possibilities to do so.


Last but not least, be authentic. Your audience is looking for someone to relate to, not someone to look up to and think that everything is perfect. Be yourself, unapologetically. There will be people that do not like a certain opinion you have, a certain look or maybe the type of products or services you sell. But guess what, there will always be people that will not like you for any particular reason.
Just remember: be consistent in your mission, practice being confident about your business daily and be authentic with your audience.


7. Create a routine that works for you

As I said, it will not be easy. Especially when you build up your online business while working full-time or maybe even manage an entire household. You will need to find time to balance your life and create a routine that works with you. If you are limited in the times you are able to build up your business, consider making a weekly plan and see when you are able to work on it. You are having a day off where nothing is planned? Good, use that day to work ahead. For social posting, consider Apps like buffer and tailwind to stay ahead of your social posts. If you are using WordPress, make use of the plugin WordPress Editorial calendar, which you can use to schedule in your upcoming posts. There are various ways to work ahead. Get yourself a calendar or use a digital one and monitor when exactly is the best time for you to work consistently towards your goal.

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