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5 Reasons Why Should Consider Solo Traveling

I encountered my first solo traveling journey in 2013, spending a weekend in San Francisco, California. I remember that no one of my friends was available on that weekend, but I still decided to go. I did not plan anything, except finding the cheapest hostel possible in the center of San Francisco. It was one of the most remarkable trips I had in the US and was not disappointed. 

There are certainly a lot of perks in having a travel buddy with you. You are not only exploring the world together, but you are also creating unforgettable memories together! 

I surely love to travel with my boyfriend or with friends, but I am also a huge advocate of traveling solo. Here is why should at least once in your lifetime decide to travel alone:

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Barcelona, Spain

1.    Enjoy your own company

Enjoying the time that you are by yourself is probably one of the greatest things that you can learn while traveling alone. Remember: being alone does not equal loneliness. If you are afraid to make the step to travel alone, see it as a way to get to know yourself! You will immediately notice that there were things about yourself that not even you knew about. While being alone in your comfort zone will not teach you anything new, putting yourself out there will. You will notice that your interests have changed, and you might explore different cuisines or activities. Embrace the fact that you will get to know yourself better and have a deeper understanding of what you want in life. 

Treat-Yo-Self. I cannot stress it enough. 
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Pismo Beach, California

2.    Do whatever YOU want

You love to wake up early while traveling while your travel buddy wants to sleep in? You are an absolute fan of museums, but your travel companion could not care less? Well, say goodbye to these problems. You can do whatever you want while traveling solo. Waking up at 6 to watch the sunrise? Sure, you do you. You feel like going on a shopping spree or chill the whole day at the beach? Go ahead. You literally do not have to worry about anyone but yourself. You can eat whatever you want, go out whenever you want and see whatever interests you. Quite honestly, after 

3.    Join guided tours 

One of the things I can recommend when traveling alone is to join tours! It’s not only a fun way to spend the way and get you excited about, but it also helps you to get to know other travelers. Another big advantage when traveling alone is the fact that you have a higher chance to get last-minute spots in tours that are usually fully booked! My favorite way to look for tours is using GetYourGuide, a platform that offers you a wide range of activities and tours that you can join! It’s easy to use, has thousands of activities for all ages and interests and you can pre-book your tickets and skip the line! And not only that, it is super flexible with the cancellation policies and you can book your tickets with the GetYourGuide App. 

4.    Meet new people

If you are a pretty social person like I am, I can promise you that you will meet amazing people while you are traveling. I recommend you stay in hostels or at least social hotels where you can meet other fellow travelers. And if you like to go out at night, join a pub crawl! These activities are made for meeting new people and will never leave you feeling lonely while traveling. Other things you might want to consider are websites like meetup.com, which offer you to check out local events and groups with people who share the same interests.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

5.    Enjoy every moment

After your first trip traveling solo you will not only feel like you have accomplished something big, your fear and anxiety for future trips will be non-existent. You made it. 

Your self-confidence will not only get a big boost, but you will begin to cherish every little moment you are alone. You take your time while drinking coffee. Enjoy the sun and choose to stroll through the town instead of taking public transport. Your entire attitude will change, and you automatically feel a sense of relief, satisfaction, and self-awareness. Enjoy every moment you’ve been on this trip alone. And share your happiness with your friends and family at home!

If you would like to know more about one of my solo travel experience, check out my post about London.

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